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“I feel so fortunate to have worked with Sierra Mountain Construction. The team is very welcoming and helped me with any questions I had. I was able to work with the estimating department to understand the dynamics of a bid package. Also, I was able to be on site which helped me learn the different communication between the field and the office. I ordered materials needed for the job sites and helped oversee the execution process in the field. During this internship I also worked in the safety department and obtained my Osha 30 and CPR/First Aid certifications. Overall, this opportunity has taught me many skills within construction and confidence going into the future.”

“During my internship with Sierra Mountain Construction I learned plenty of great things that I believe will help me in my future career.  My internship consisted of creating submittals for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.  These were a challenge as each submittal was different from the next.  Some consisted of creating plans for how the procedure was to be done.  These were the most difficult since I had no experience in construction prior to this internship.  I also got to go to the field to get some experience out there.  My job was to work with the project engineer to calculate how much material was needed for the work."

Anthony Sanchez | Chico State University 

Delaney Rodgers | University of Nevada, Reno


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