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    Sierra Mountain Construction Inc., has  successfully managed to perform over $100 million-dollars in water resource projects across the state of California. Illustrations of our work include mine remediation, bridge and pipeline replacement, concrete arch dam retrofit, large diameter pipeline,  aqueduct repairs, water and wastewater treatment plants, diversion structures, and pump stations, canal modifications, reshaping, and underground utility.  

Wet Weather Equalization Basin 

City of Pacifica, CA 

Constructed a wet weather flow equalization basin and associated pipelines to help mitigate storm-related sanitary sewing overflows in the City of Pacifica's wastewater collection system and to also reduce peak wet weather flows to the City's recycling plant.  Instillation of a 2.1 million-gallon capacity EQ basin.  Two diversion structures to passively divert excess flows and transport the flow via a conveyance pipeline to the EQ basin during storm event.  A 10-foot tall motor control center building equipped with a 4-foot metal antenna; a ventilation and door-control system; and a potable-water supplied cleaning system with the EQ basin. 


Moccasin Emergency Debris Removal 

City of San Francisco, CA 

Phase 1 of the project included replacement of a stainless-steel raw waterline across Mocassin Reservoir, fabrication and installation
of a 260’ steel bridge from Moccasin Gate Tower 3 to shore, automation and refurbishment of Moccasin Reservoir gate 3 and repairs to Moccasin Dam Toe. Additional activities included extensive dewatering, rip-rap placement, installation of articulated concrete mats, environmental and erosion control.
Phase 2 of the project included installation of a new 7’x7’ box culvert at Priest Dam including 16,000 CY of embankment excavation, placement and compacting, creek bypass system, and rip-rap armoring. Repairing abutments and toe of the Moccasin Diversion Dam included extending a cast-in-place extension of the gravity dam, foundation grouting, rock dowels and new cast-inplace apron the dam toe. Other activities included raising the core wall of the Moccasin Dam, installation of an engineered levee downstream of the Moccasin Dam and reconstruction of the Moccasin Dam Auxiliary Spillway including excavation and placement of more than 10,000 tons of grouted rip-rap.


Mountain Tunnel Interim Repair

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

The objective of the project is to provide repairs to the Mountain Tunnel lining during the Tunnel shutdown in early 2017, work includes collecting pumping and treating all water in the tunnel from seepage. Removing defective concrete lining from the tunnel and transporting debris out of the tunnel. Installing rock bolts as needed and repairing of reinforcing prior to the installation of new shotcrete lining. As part of this contract SMCI is required to assist the city of San Francisco with the inspection of over 18 miles of tunnel including rock coring. SMCI is responsible for all communications, rescue team, transportation of the inspection team, ventilation, security, and all work involved in tunnel safety orders. Removing sediment and debris from several adits in the tunnel. Final cleaning of the rock traps and cleaning of tunnel prior to returning to service. 


Carisbrook Reservoir & Skyline Pumping Plant

East Bay Municipal

Utility District 

Rehabilitation includes demolishing the existing Skyline Pumping Plant and the Carisbrook Reservior rood and concrete masonry pumping plant.  Our scope of work included furnishing and installing a 0.3-MG bolted steel temporary tank at the Round Top Pumping Plant site, disassembling the 0.3-MG bolted steel temporary tank and delivering to Oakport facilities.  Additionally we performed electrical and mechanical improvements at the Montclair Reservoir site and at the Huckleberry Perserve site.   


Harding Drain Bypass Pump Station and Pipeline

City of Turlock, CA

The Harding Drain Bypass Pump Station and Pipeline project eliminated discharge of the City of Turlock's treated wastewater into Turlock Irrigation District's canal system and directly into the San Joaquin River.  This increased the efficiently of TID's operations and allowed separate monitoring of agricultural and municipal discharge, which are subject to different regulatory requirements.  Project involved the construction of a 510 HP pump station and a 30,000 LF 36" steel water transmission pipeline with several intermediate cast-in-place junction structures.  Additional activities include treatment of contaminated groundwater prior to discharge, enviromental mitigation and SWPPP development and implentation. 


Waste Discharge Area Grading Piping and Spray Field Improvements  

City of Plymouth, CA

The Waste Discharge Area Grading Piping and Spray Field Improvement project increased the capacity and efficiency of the City of Plymouth’s wastewater treatment and disposal facilities and assists the city in meeting the requirements of the CVRWQCB for the discharge of treated wastewater.
Work Description:
Project included installation of over 70,000 LF of 2”-18” PVC pipeline, containment levees to control runoff from the City’s Waste Discharge Areas, excavation and embankment work within the existing treated effluent reservoir, modifications to the outlet structures at the reservoir dam, demoing existing waste discharge area spray field, installing new spray field system including control valve vaults and spray zones. Additionally, project includes access road reconstruction, new culvert crossings, erosion control, hydroseeding and environmental mitiga-tion.


Rim Fire Emergency Response and Restoration 

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, CA

The Rim Fire Emergency Response and Restoration project was initiated after the Rim Fire in Tuloumne County.  Sierra Mountain Construction Inc. was contacted and mobilized immediately after the wild land fire to perform emergency work, protecting and rehabilitating Hetch Hetchy Water and Power infrastructure in the burn area.  The project included rock scaling, rock fence installation, slope restoration, historical preservation, hyro-seeding, erosion and sediment control and general site clean up.  



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