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San Francisco Public Utilities Commision

The objective of the project scope performed by SMCI was to provide repairs to the Mountain Tunnel lining during the Tunnel shutdown in early 2017. Work included; collecting, pumping, and treating all water in the tunnel from seepage. Removing defective concrete lining from the tunnel and transporting debris out of the tunnel was also essential in restoring the tunnel. Installing rock bolts as needed and repairing of reinforcing prior to the installation of new shotcrete lining to place for stabalization. As part of this contract SMCI is required to assist the city of San Francisco with the inspection of over 18 miles of tunnel including rock coring. SMCI is responsible for all communications, rescue team, transportation of the inspection team, ventilation, security, and all work involved in tunnel safety orders. Removing sediment and debris from several adits in the tunnel. Final cleaning of the rock traps and cleaning of tunnel prior to returning to service.


West Stanislaus Irrigation District​

The DMC Intertie and Pump Station project replaced aging infrastructure and re-established original flow capacity to maximize WSID’s water supplies from the San Joaquin River and the Delta-Mendota Canal.  Project included construction of a cast-in-place concrete pumping station, installing RCP pipeline, CIP discharge structures, WSP manifold piping, a cast-in-place concrete control structure, dewatering and temporary bypass systems and PVC lateral piping.


Placer County Water Agency

This project scope involved replacing the Agency’s aging pipeline that conveys water from the Boardman Canal. Project included installation of restrained ductile iron pipe in steep mountain terrain, microtunnel under HWY 80, cast-in-place intake structure, installation of fiber optic cable along pipeline alignment, and new pressure sustaining station including mass excavation, site work and CMU block building. 

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